Hello Fresh – your fridge & pantry fairy

Since having the mini-human the husband and I have been extremely fortunate to receive regular drop-offs of homecooked food from our mothers. This was especially helpful in the early days of mini-human, when his daily routine... well, there wasn’t much of a routine. He put up a fight every night come bedtime and, um, I wonder where he gets that determined spirit from... *cough cough* Thankfully he now does have a routine and we get to have dinner at a more decent hour.

Before the mini-human, when I still had the luxury of time to plan and cook dinner, my mother-in-law would often drop groceries off at our place while we were at work. Sure, sometimes it was weird to return home after a long day to find that our veggie crisper had magically replenished itself, or that our ripe bananas (destined for banana bread) had turned back the hands of time and become green again, but it was nice to know that our home was never devoid of fresh food with which to cook. Like all Chinese mothers, my mother-in-law would worry that we weren’t eating at home enough nor well enough, so what better way to get your kids to eat broccoli than to leave it in their fridge for cooking, hey?

Elbow Room Espresso

Oh my god, hang on to your lens-less glasses frames people – Chatswood’s gone hipster!

Serving 5 Senses coffee as well as pastries and organic sourdough from Luxe Bakery, alongside housemade muffins and other treats, Elbow Room is a recent addition to Chatswood’s (to-date, very ordinary) café scene located close to one of Westfield’s entrances. Run by friendly Korean staff, iced water automatically appears on your table and the coffee menu refreshingly offers choices of different blends versus the usual different styles of macchiato, flat white, caffe latte, etc.

Giveaway: Win a double-pass to Cake Bake & Sweets Show!

Listen up, peoples! There’s a new food show in town and you want to check it out because it’s all about cake and sweets and cake and baking and pastry chefs and cake and cooking reality show personalities... And did I mention there was cake? Heheh.

The inaugural Cake Bake & Sweets Show is being held across three days from 21-23 March at Sydney’s Olympic Park. There’ll be live cooking demonstrations, hands-on workshops, plus lots to ogle and buy. Featuring familiar names such as Dan Lepard, Adriano Zumbo, Kirsten Tibballs, my pastry crush of the moment Anna Polyviou, and blogging alumni Sharon Wee, there is sure to be something for everyone.

image courtesy of National Media

Coco Cubano, Crows Nest

Before the mini-human I had perceived dining locations as “child friendly” being those happy to accommodate littlies and their associated unpredictable behaviour and noise levels. Now that I am parent to a just-four-month-old, what I specifically look for are places with a nice level of background noise, quick service, plus seating to allow for rocking of Petit Monsieur in his pram. Until he is able to sit up and consume a range of food other than the human milky variety, his dining experience is limited to being through vicarious observation only.


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